Opening of a new student residence in Marseille.

Opening of a new student residence in Marseille.

January 4, 2019

Phoceenne, our student residence in Marseille and its ideal location for students of the University campus Saint Charles

A large city in the South of France, Marseille is well known for its sunny coves, its old port and the Basilica of our Lady of the guard which overlooks the phocean city. Tourist city during the summer season, Marseille is, all the rest of the year, a student city with many training centers and a recognized University. The Faculty of Sciences of the Université Aix-Marseille is at the heart of the University campus Saint Charles.

Our student residence in Marseille is just a 10-minute walk from this campus. Student tenants at Neoresid Phoceenne will be close to all amenities thanks to the nearby shops. Our student accommodation in Marseille allows to combine comfort, education and relaxation.

Services offered by our student residence in Marseille

In order to ensure the well-being of its tenants, the Phocéenne residence offers quality services.

First, to ensure your security, a badge access control restricts the entry of the residence to tenants only. A video surveillance system has also been set up and a bicycle storage room is at your disposal.

In addition, we want our students to feel surrounded. For this, a reception is open all week. A manager can answer all requests and help you in all your administrative steps. A maintenance agent is also present in the residence for various and varied technical interventions.

A gym, a communal room and a terrace are also open to all our tenants. These recreation and sharing areas aim to bring residents together and integrate them into the Neoresid community.

Finally, to accompany you in the success of your studies, we want to make the most of your daily life. We therefore provide you with appliances and receive all your parcels. With an additional charge, we also offer a cleaning service, a laundromat for free use and a closed car park.