10 gift ideas for Christmas!.

10 gift ideas for Christmas!.

December 10, 2018

The end of the year celebrations are coming soon! Haven't finished your Christmas presents? Here are some gift ideas to please your loved ones, without ruining yourself.

10 gift ideas for Christmas: Hugz Plaid sleeve

Plaid Hugz sleeve-€19.90

The Hugz Plaid sleeve is ideal for moments of relaxation! Enjoy a coaxing warmth without giving up your freedom of movement. So this Plaid is perfect for comfortable winters in front of Netflix or near the fireplace. It exists in 5 different colors and can be customized according to your choice.

10 gift ideas for Christmas: plexi photo block

Plexi photo block-€19.99

To decorate his house or his apartment pictures of travels, friends, family… The plexi photo blocks have been fashionable for a few years and this is changing classic picture frames. For Christmas, this gift is ideal for reviving memories or gathering a whole family on a good quality photo.

10 gift ideas for Christmas: virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality headset-€39.90

Allow one of your loved ones to immerse themselves in parallel worlds: wander with the dinosaurs, live a unique experience in a great eight, enjoy movies and games in reality virutelle. These glasses are usable thanks to a Smartphone, and allows to escape a few moments in a wonderful world. A great gift idea for close followers of new technologies or movies and video games!

10 Christmas gift ideas: USB Cup warmer

USB Cup warmer-€15.90

The chocolate cookie-shaped USB Cup warmer is ideal for your loved ones who work with a computer! A file to fill or a call to pass and the coffee is already cold? With the USB Cup warmer the cup of coffee (tea, or hot chocolate) stays warm and handy. An original Christmas gift for hot beverage enthusiasts.

10 Christmas gift ideas: Cork world map

Cork world map-€39.90

For your friends or family members, this Cork world map is ideal for pinning photos and other travel memories to the four corners of the globe. This decorative accessory is a souvenir mine, perfect for the bullwalkers!