The best films 2018.

The best films 2018.

December 3, 2018

The cinematic universe of the year 2018 was rich. Here is a top 5 of the best 2018 movies in the categories drama, comedy, romance, action and sci-fi!

Drama: Capharnaüm

best films 2018-Capernaum

Released on October 17, 2018, this Lebanese feature film won the jury prize

at the Cannes Film Festival 20

18. This drama traces the story of Zain, a 12-year-old boy in search of identity, who rebels against the life we want to impose on him. In a court, Zain is presented before the judge who asks him "why do you attack your parents in court?", Zain replied "for giving me life!".

Sometimes compared to Slumdog millionaire or Lion, Capharnaum is above all a tragic reality of the life of the lowland of Beirut. Often moving, sometimes funny, this film is a message to mankind in the face of child misery.

Comedy/action: deadpool

best movies 2018-deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds came back on the scene with the sequel to the hilarious deadpool adventures on May 16, 2018! In this second Opus, he was forced to join the X-men team after being in an anti-mutant prison. Unconvinced by the rules of the X-men, he creates his own team: the X-Force! The Mission of this team is to rescue a young mutant from a soldier from the future in search of revenge.

Always on the razor's edge, Ryan Reynolds epitomizes deadpool's costume for our greatest enjoyment!

Romance: A star is born

best films 2018-a star is born

Bradley Cooper realizes a star is born and embodies a country star left behind and a little forgotten. In this Romanced drama, he gives the replica to a lady Gaga as one has never seen! The two characters will live a crazy love story. The story takes place in an unusual musical setting. Since its release in France on October 3, 2018, A star is born has made nearly 2 million entry to the French box office.

Sci-Fi: ready player one

best movies 2018-ready player one

Steven Spielberg will have scored this year 2018 with his new sci-fi movie ready player one! The story takes place in 2045, in a world on the brink of chaos. To live, humans take refuge in a virtual world: the OASIS. The creator of this universe sets up a competition to beget his fortune. The lure of winning attracts players from the four corners of the planet, including Wade Watts, a young teenager who will try his luck. By plunging into this parallel world, you will live an experience that is both mysterious, disturbing and vivifying. Released on March 28, 2018, ready player one exceeded the 2 million entry to the French box office.