Partial and revisions: 6 tips for (really) getting there.

Partial and revisions: 6 tips for (really) getting there.

November 5, 2018

The first few steps are coming up and some of you are in the middle of the revisions. But sometimes it's hard to get there… Partial revisions require motivation, organization, concentration and above all procrastination! Don't panic, we guide you with some tips for effective revisions.

Do some to-do list!

The best way to revise effectively is the organization. To do this, it is highly recommended to make to-do list. These new organizational tools will allow you to compartmentate your revisions and set your daily goals.

Make yourself pause times

In times of revision, we must not neglect the breaks! Your brain needs to aerate and will certainly take better courses to learn. Working is good, but breathing is better!

Have a serene mind

For a good review, it is important to have a serene mind. If you think about all the things you have to do, it will be difficult for you to focus on your work. So get rid of chores and tasks before you put yourself on the floor.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

We tell you and we say to you: to pass your exams, you have to have a healthy lifestyle! This may seem trivial but do not neglect this advice. With a good hygiene of life, you will feel better in your head and in your body-even unconsciously-and your revisions will be much more effective. For this, nothing is simpler than a good sleep. It is very easy to have a good sleep: lie down and get up at the same hours every day. Also, do not forget to have good food hygiene: fast food and pasta every day are to be avoided. Once in a while, why not, but try to cook good dishes. In addition, cooking will ventilate your mind and relax you!

Keep the rhythm right

It is important to organize and set hours of work. For example, plan to work 3 hours a day, and stand there!

Give yourself rewards

Reviewing is good. But it is essential to award rewards. A finished chapter? Enjoy a walk by the sea, a Cine exit or a good pancake on the terrace. This will allow you to motivate yourself to move forward in your revisions. The most important thing is to set goals, to reach them, and to encourage themselves!