How to reconcile studies and student job? Tips to help you.

How to reconcile studies and student job? Tips to help you.

October 10, 2018

Almost half of the students have a professional activity in addition to their studies. The main reason for this organization is financial independence. You may be one of those future professionals who have a student job in addition to their university degree. So a few tricks could help you reconcile your studies and your student job.

1. Don't get your job done before your studies

A large number of students working in addition to their studies are dropping out of the curriculum. This consequence is probably due to a too large professional activity. Students who work are often more tired than those who do not work. It is often difficult to study after a day of classes and an evening of work. To do this, consider choosing your student job well. A job near you will allow you not to waste time in transportation. In addition, try to arrange your schedule to work only outside of the classes: evenings and weekends.

2. Find a job in the professional sector of your academic field

In addition to rounding up your month-ends, student jobs equivalent to your studies are a particularly rewarding experience. Indeed, since it is in agreement with your professional project, you will be able to apply what you learn in progress. Therefore, you will be able to practice what may seem abstract when studying.

3. And most importantly: get organized!

The key to success is the organization. In order to reconcile studies and student jobs, without one encroaching on the other, it is essential to be organized. First, tell your teachers and your employer about your situation. Moreover, it is important not to prepare your partial at the last moment. In order to do so, you can leave in advance to free up review time and focus on your academic success.

The fact of working in addition to his studies is a particularly rewarding experience, both on the professional side and on the human side. Indeed, you learn to behave well in business and know the value of money. But be careful not to abandon your studies.

Keep your goal in mind! If you do this student job it is primarily to fund your studies.