Our partners.

Neoresid and its partners offer to the students exclusive offers, such as the priority of renting, a discount on the costs of the file, an easy transfer from one residence to another, preferential rates…


Bubbleflat is a colocation platform in France. Our partnership allows students and active young people to find the ideal roommates to integrate our residences into conviviality and solidarity.

Burgundy School of BusinessBurgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business is a business school located in Dijon. Our residence Le Clos Morlot works in collaboration with this property to offer its students furnished and equipped accommodations.

Campus FranceCampus France

Campus France is an organization that helps foreigners eager to study in France. NEORESID works in collaboration with Campus France to provide them with fully equipped and furnished accommodation. In some of our residences, international students from Campus France benefit from preferential rates and free application fees.


Esigelec is a senior School of Electrical Engineering engineers located in Saint Etienne du Rouvray. Our Saint Marc Residence offers preferential rates as well as the free application fee for its students.


Epseco is a high school of business and management located in Valencia. Our partnership allows students to benefit from preferential rates and a discount on file fees in our residence Le Valencey.


ESDAC is a school of design, applied arts and communication. Our residence les Jardins de Mozart offers a 50% discount on the file fees for any student of the ESDAC.


The ESIEE is an engineering school recognized by the state. The students of the ESIEE benefit from a file fee offered at the Saint Germain residence.


GarantMe helps foreign students find accommodation in France. They vouch for their rent and set up their rental file. The purpose of this partnership is to facilitate the search for housing for foreign students.

IS Aix en ProvenceIs Aix en Provence

is Aix en Provence is an international language school. At Mozart’s Gardens, we welcome many foreign students following training at this school.


The ISEN is a school of engineering in Toulon. The Mayol Residence offers a 50% discount on file fees to all its students.


ISPA is a higher education institution specialising in the training of foreign students. Our Saint Germain Residence is in partnership with this school to allow its students to benefit from preferential rates and a free application fee.


The IUT Valencia offers courses in higher education at the Université Grenoble Alpes. Our partnership aims to offer the fees to the students of this IUT in our residence Le Valencey.

Lycée CarnotLycée Carnot Djion

The Lycée Carnot de Dijon has a partnership with the residence Le Clos Morlot to allow its students to stay in furnished and equipped studios, located close to its premises.

Dumont D’Urville High School

The Lycée Dumont D’Urville hosts a stand of the Mayol residence on the day of enrolment in high school. On this day, we offer students a 50% discount on file fees.

Eiffel High SchoolHigh School Eiffel Dijon

The Lycée Eiffel is a scientific and technological high school in Dijon. Our residence Le Clos Morlot offers a free on file fees for all students from a formation of the Eiffel High School.

Maestris ValenciaMaestris

The Maestris Valencia School provides training courses from CAP to BAC + 5 in hairdressing, art, aesthetics and management. Our partnership allows its students to benefit from the free application fee for any rental contract at the residence Le Valencey.

Neoma Business SchoolNeoma

Neoma Business School Rouen is a business school whose students benefit from a free file fee for any rental contract signed with the Saint Mark residence.


Promotrans is an educational organization specializing in transport, logistics, maintenance of industrial vehicles, safety at work, building and public works. Our Park residence welcomes the students in training at Promotrans and offers them the full file fees.

Université Stendhal Grenoble 3Université Stendhal Grenoble 3

Our partnership with the University Stendhal Grenoble 3 allows a free application fee to all their students for a rental in the residence Le Valencey.

Lille University 2 Right & HealthUniversity of Lille 2 law and health

Lille 2 Law & Health University is in partnership with the residence Lambret to offer its students furnished and equipped accommodation in a service residence.