Financial assistance for students and administrative procedures.

Financial assistance for students and administrative procedures

Financial aid for students is awarded by the Family Allowance Fund. Of course, all NEORESID student housing can open your rights to personalized housing assistance (APL) or Social housing allowance (ALS).

What is the amount of APL or ALS for student tenants?

Firstly, the amount depends on the precise study of each dossier by the family Allowance Fund, the only competent authority in the matter. Therefore, depending on the residence in which you are staying, the CAF will pay either the APL or the ALS.

Thus, the amount of this aid may vary depending on:

  • of your income
  • The amount of your rent
  • The number of roommates in the apartment
  • Of the nature of the housing
  • of the place of residence


  • To receive assistance, the rental contract must be in your name.
  • If you are less than 20 years old and your parents still receive family allowances for you. You will not be able to accumulate the two aids, you will have to make a choice.

How to prepare the CAF file?

The managers of our student residences accompany you in all these steps.

Some parts will be requested, you can already prepare them:

  • A copy of your valid identity card or residence permit
  • A proof of your student status
  • The previous year's income tax return or the certificate of non-taxation or in default of a certificate of honour certifying that no income was collected last year
  • One RIB (Bank identification statement)
  • The number of the beneficiary and the certificate of non-payment of the Caisse of your original residence (if you have already received benefits by a CAF).
  • The rent certificate to be completed by your manager

To perform a simulation of your housing assistance or to obtain more information, go to the website of the Family Allowance Fund.


Housing Tax for student housing

Finally, you are not exempt from the residential tax if you meet the following condition: "Occupant in title of accommodation on January 1 of the current year".

However, check with the tax Centre, a cap see an exemption can be practiced according to your income…