Good to know: rights and obligations of student tenants.

Tenants ' rights and obligations

At the entrance as well as at the exit of your apartment, you have rights and obligations to be read.

The rights of student apartment tenants

As tenants of student apartments, you have several rights.
So we will reveal a list of some of them. So you can:

  • Establish an inventory at your entrance and departure.
  • Receive a free rent receipt as soon as the rent is paid.
  • Terminate the lease agreement at any time with the prior notice
  • Enjoy a "peaceful enjoyment". This means that the landlord has to take care of the tranquility of the occupation.
  • Make arrangements that do not constitute a transformation of the housing (e.g. installation of shelves). However, upon return of the dwelling, the owner may demand their withdrawal and any repairs that may follow.

The obligations of tenants in student housing

Having rights is one thing, but as tenants, you also have obligations to keep for the duration of your contract.
In short, you must:

  • Pay your rent and expenses on the date fixed on your rental contract.
  • Take charge of the routine maintenance and rental repairs of the apartment, the list is usually attached to the contract.
  • Not to transform the premises without the written consent of the lessor.
  • Do not assign or sublet your apartment (except with the written consent of the landlord, specifying the price of the rent).
  • Respect the residence's rules of Procedure.

This list of rights and obligations is not exhaustive. It is appropriate to refer to the contract document signed when renting the student apartment.