How to move from high school to University with lightness?.

How to move from high school to University with lightness?.

September 19, 2018

After these first few weeks in College, new Bachelors may feel lost. With a new apartment, life away from your parents and in a new city, it is important to adapt to your new life. Neoresid reveals some tips for this new start.

A new beginning in your personal life

1. Make plans!

If this stage of your life seems difficult to bear, we advise you to set personal goals, and to do everything possible to achieve them. Have you always dreamed of a collective sport? Start! This will allow you to meet new people.

You can also have goals for your future. Try answering the following question: How do you see yourself in 10 years? Take advantage of these years of study to build the life you dream, on a professional side but also from a personal point of view.

The fact of projecting and acting to achieve its objectives makes it possible not to let go and not to depress!

2. Don't stay in your corner!

We have to get out! You are in a new city, so take advantage of it to broaden your horizons. You can discover a lot of things that will serve you as much in your personal life as in your professional life. Plus, it's an opportunity to meet people!

The University or the gateway to your professional future

3. Put all the odds on your side to build the professional life you dream of

You are no longer a high school student. The University will allow you to achieve your professional goals. So you might as well get used to the world of work now. Starting with your dress. You probably know, most of the higher education teachers are also professionals, who have another job outside of the courses, in companies or in research labs. If you are professional in your attire, in your behaviour, in your investment and in your attendance, they can help you in your internship research, and why not help you find the job of your dreams!

What if I don't know what I want to do with my professional life?

It's good to go to University, to study, but when you don't know what you can do, you might think it's useless. But that's not true! To go to University is to stir up his curiosity. And to find his vocation, you have to be curious. Learn about the topics you are interested in, make plans, surround yourself… Rebecca went through it, she explains her journey.