Student: changes at the beginning of the year 2018.

Student: changes at the beginning of the year 2018.

September 10, 2018

Many changes have affected the 2018 academic year. Some good news for students!

Towards the disappearance of student social security

Good news for students! Compulsory student social security will disappear completely on 31 August 2019. In fact, for new students who integrate a curriculum in higher education at the 2018 re-entry, they will no longer have to relate to student social security, such as the LMDE. They will be able to maintain their current regime, most often that of their parents. For students who already have student social security, they will keep it but no longer have to pay dues.

Lower university tuition fees

Another good news of this re-entry: tuition fees are decreasing! First, students who integrate a license will now pay €170, instead of €184 last year. Then, for those returning to the master's, the tuition amounts to €243 against €256 at the beginning of the 2017. Finally, students who will continue their doctoral career, will only have to pay €380, instead of €391.

A new measure: the student and campus life contribution (CVEC)

In order to improve student life on University campuses, students will have to pay €90 for the CVEC from this year. The aim of this new measure is to develop certain University services. In fact, the State aims to improve health prevention, support for student associations and cultural events. Thus, students will have a privileged access to culture, sports, health and social. Only students with training in university education will be required to pay the CVEC. Students in BTS, for example, are not concerned. In addition, the scholarship students, the refugee students, the beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and the students seeking asylum with the right to remain in the territory are not affected by this contribution.