Studies and entrepreneurship: it's possible!.

Studies and entrepreneurship: it's possible!.

May 2, 2018

A course combining University studies, professional experiences and entrepreneurship

After graduating with an engineering degree in embedded systems, Jérôme wanted to acquire skills in fields related to entrepreneurship. For this, he took a master in general management at the IAE – Institut d'Administration des entreprises – from Aix en Provence, alternating with Airbus helicopters. He was able to discover marketing, business strategy or even finance. These new skills have been a major asset for his future entrepreneurial experience. "I have always been motivated by the ability to provide solutions that can improve the lives of many people around the world. »

During his training at the IAE, many lectures were offered to students. One of them particularly attracted his attention: Patrick de Santis's presentation on the PACA entrepreneurship programme.

With his academic and professional background, Jérôme decided to integrate this program and presented his project study n share. This platform allows an exchange of supplies between students. The project study n share allowed him to discover the world of the startup and to implement skills learned at the IAE, such as business plan and recruitment.

Thanks to his involvement, the project was awarded the springboard student-entrepreneur contest PEPITE France 2016. Today, the mobile application study n share is in development phase by two students from the school of engineering ISEN Toulon.

The Skillinked project: created by enthusiasts, for passionate

With five collaborators, Jérôme embarked on the Skillinked project, combining their common passions for video games and entrepreneurship. "It was in January 2017 that we actually started working on the Skillinked project. This is a Web platform specializing in esports. It assists players and video game teams in their progression through digital tools such as eSport curriculum vitae and performance indicators. Skillinked fully uses artificial intelligence, which is at the heart of its strategy. After one year of work, the team created the ESPORTVISION structure in December 2017. In addition, in April 2018, the team was a finalist in the Le Phare de L'ENTREPRENEURSHIP competition. "We are planning a fundraising by the end of the year 2018. We are a young startup with the ambition to evolve quickly. Our user base keeps growing; We hope to reach the 500 000 users within 3 years. »

A few tips from a young entrepreneur

"If I were to give some advice to students interested in entrepreneurship, I would like to tell them first of all that we should not stop believing in his project and his ideas. Embark on the adventure, you will invest fully in a trade you have chosen. You will lead an adventure of which you are the hero. You will have to find solutions, set up an economic model, cross obstacles, manage a team… Entrepreneurship takes a lot of time and involvement. You have to be self-trained in many areas, and it is not always simple. To help you and avoid errors, I advise you to view the videos of the site  Many programs exist in France to help young entrepreneurs with the necessary steps. I am thinking about PEPITE or entrepreneurial. »

"Between the moment you want to start and the actual launch of the project, it happens several months or even several years, so think about it well. »