What financial assistance for students?.

What financial assistance for students?.

September 26, 2018

The State has put in place several financial aid for students, which allows you to fully live your academic years, without having to worry about your budget.

Student housing allowance: CAF assistance

We know, the rent is the biggest expense of the students. You can probably benefit from the student housing allowance. At Neoresid, you can claim ALS. CAF offers you to simulate your rights in order to lighten your rent expenses.

Merit assistance

The most deserving scholarship students can benefit from merit assistance. The latter has several conditions. First of all, you must have obtained the word "very well" at the baccalaureate. Then the student must prove his involvement and motivation through attendance at the courses and attendance at all exams. Finally, we must not be redoubled, except for medical reasons. Thus, students receiving a scholarship can also be awarded an amount of 900 to 1 800 €, paid in 9 monthly instalments. Aid for merit can be combined with aid for international mobility and other specific aid.

The allocation for diversity in the public service

Students preparing for a public service competition can claim this financial assistance. In particular, students enrolled in an IPAG (Institute of preparation for General Administration), a CPAG (Centre of preparation for Administration) or students following a training offered by a public service school or an employer Public. Attention, the amount of the allowance is attributed according to the academic and/or academic results of previous years.

Aid for international mobility

There is obviously financial aid for students wishing to study abroad, as part of an exchange programme or internship. However, only students with a scholarship or specific help can be awarded assistance for international mobility. The minimum period of stay abroad must be 2 consecutive months, and may be up to 9 months. In addition, a student can make several requests during his or her university course. In 2018-2019, the monthly payment amounts to €400. It can be paid in 2 or 9 monthly instalments depending on the duration of the stay.

Mobility assistance for registration in master 1

Students graduating from a Bachelor's degree and wishing to continue their studies in another academic region can benefit from the mobility assistance for the registration in master 1. However, licensed scholarship students are subject to certain conditions. First of all, it is essential to be enrolled in a master 1 in a different Academy than the one where you obtained your license. The amount of the aid amounts to € 1 000.

Activity premium

The activity premium, paid by the CAF Agency, is an aid that students can benefit from in the professionalisation contract. In other words, alternating students who have signed a professionalisation contract with their company, are considered to be employees. So there is no minimum wage threshold, and you can add a considerable amount to your financial aid. For this, it is essential to make a request on the website of the CAF. First of all, we advise you to do a simulation of the activity bonus.

This non-exhaustive list of financial aid for students will allow you to fill your month-ends. It is important to live in complete serenity to concentrate at 100% on its courses.