About Neoresid

Neoresid est la marque commerciale de Neoresid Holding SAS. Cette dernière a été créée en juin 2021, et résulte de la scission de deux entités distinctes. :

Neoresid Holding, désormais situé à Paris, conserve également un siège social à Aix en Provence, et continue un fort développement, notamment à travers les reprises de résidences qui continuent, et avec un programme important de prise à bail de résidences neuves.

The new residences are mainly developed in collaboration with Kaufman et Broad, which remains the sole owner.

In 2021 Neoresid Holding took over the Nungesser residence in Anzin/Valencienne.

In June 2022, the Gagny residence (Paris region) will open, followed in 2023 of the residences of Stains (in collaboration with Total l'Industreet), and Toulouse Rangueil. In 2024, it will be our new residence in Reims, in the in the heart of the new Neoma campus, which will open its doors.

While our core business remains linked to student populations, we have developed a short-stay offer, and are orienting our new residences towards a co-living offer. Thus, our new residences will offer all offer extensive services with :

  • Restaurant (1)
  • Co-working offer
  • Gym with a sports coach
  • Cinema room (1)
  • Roof top (1)
  • Connected laundries

Neoresid works in close collaboration with hospitals, associations of police officers, and the Ministries of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice in order to find housing solutions for their staff.

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